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PPC - Procedural Pipe Chair

April 2020

PPC (Procedural Pipe Chair) project has been inspired by the original Up cycled chair made from industrial pipes designed by Lucas Muñoz. This design serves with an ideology of creating endless variations of the same chair which can be adapted to industry needs, manufacturing constraints of diverse locations and individualistic persona for each consumer within the given framework. The design is part of a study project investigating benefits of procedural systems in architecture and design. As we get closer to adaptable manufacturing and fabrication within various facets of design, our goals should be individualistic design accommodating site, context, consumer and needs rather than a all for one approach. The design itself is built as a system which generates 100's of variations that from various parameters can adapt to every need; such as space / layout restriction, weight / strength restriction, component size / shape, aesthetic appeal, materiality and functionality. Through these adaptive parameters each design creates its own personality correlating the uniqueness each person feels. On an idealistic view, every design could become as personalized to the consumer as possible creating a different futuristic scenario of 1 design for all purpose and needs.

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Procedural Pipe Chair - Rahul Girish
Procedural Pipe Chair - Rahul Girish
This system is based on Procedural Dependencies. As such each iteration encodes data that makes it unique - i.e. Pipe radius, corner fillets, seat size, overall dimensions etc. This helps in automatically cataloging design and isolating or finding the variation most needed. This differs from standard parametric approaches which often relies on creating variations and trying to find the right variation rather than generating 100's of variation all with their 'genetic' data attached to then find the ideal outcome very quickly.